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Corporate Fitness Yourtrainer Basel

The advantages of Corporate Fitness

The core of a successful and sustainable company is its employees. If they are fit, healthy, happy and resilient, they can perform. This is achieved through a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes sports, nutrition and regeneration.

Yourtrainer can help your company to support your employees in all these aspects. Be it in the form of group trainings, lectures on nutrition or optimization of hormonal balance for more focus and energy in everyday life. This not only strengthens the performance of each individual, but also promotes team spirit and cooperation. Through nutrition plans and lifestyle optimizations that are individually adapted to everyday life, a lot can be achieved with little effort. You as a company benefit from many advantages such as:
-fewer absences due to illness
-increased morale
-more efficiency through more focus
-motivated employees
-good company image
-improved stress tolerance
And many more.
After a location determination and goal formulation, we will gladly advise you in the area of:
-fitness room equipment
-training of own fitness trainers
This takes place in the form of seminars, workshops, 1-1 conversations or small group personal training.

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