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Personal Training Kampfsport Yourtrainer Basel

Why Personal Training?

A personal trainer covers many aspects of training. In addition to the technical knowledge, factors such as motivation and discipline are added.
Personal training in martial arts is a personalized and customized training for you.
Our personal trainers are at your side in the martial arts gym in Basel or online and want to achieve your goals with you.

Have you long set certain goals that you have not yet achieved? Do you lack the motivation to effectively move forward? You have already achieved a lot but feel you have reached a plateau?

Then it is worthwhile to create a training plan with a personal trainer to get further. We support you every step of the way to your goal. Book now a non-binding appointment to get to know us. We will be happy to welcome you in our Gym in Basel or arrange an appointment online or by phone.

How does personal training for martial artists work?

If you request an appointment, a trainer will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the first meeting. At the first appointment we will discuss your initial situation as well as your goals and ideas. If everything fits, we can then get started.

From then on, your trainer will always accompany you in your training sessions. Your trainer will select the exercises and techniques based on your goals and wishes and will design the training. He will challenge you, encourage you and get the best out of you in every workout. Your form and progress will be measured regularly and your training plan will be adjusted accordingly.

The training or the training plan itself is designed to meet your goals and needs. There is no general procedure here.


Depending on the level and goal, it also makes sense to supplement the personal training in Kampsport with nutritional counseling, coaching or personal training in the area of strength.


On request we also offer athlete training for professional athletes, which consists of personal training in Kampsport as well as personal training in the strength area, nutritional counseling, coaching and mental coaching.

How much does personal training for martial artists cost?

We have different offers. Depending on the athlete and their needs, we can always provide the right coach. As a rule, more experienced athletes benefit most from more experienced coaches, while newcomers make super progress with a junior coach.

Junior Coaches
With them, a training session costs CHF 110 per hour. With a 10- or 20-person subscription, the hour still costs CHF 100 and CHF 90 respectively.


Senior Coaches
With a Senior Coach, a training session costs CHF 150 per hour. With a 10-, 20- or 40-person subscription, the hourly rate is CHF 140, CHF 130 or CHF 120 respectively.

Master Coaches
A Master Coach training costs CHF 195 per hour. With a 10-, 20-, 40- or 100-person subscription, the hourly rate is CHF 190, CHF 175, CHF 160 and CHF 150 respectively.


You would like to train more independently but still be professionally accompanied on your way? Then our coaching sessions are the right thing for you! With a coaching you train most of the time on your own, but you have regular checkups with your coach, your form and progress are measured and your training plan is adjusted accordingly. Learn more about coaching with Yourtrainer.

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