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Ernährungsberatung YourTrainer Basel

For whom is nutritional counseling suitable?

The nutritional consultations at Yourtrainer are aimed at anyone who has the following goals:

  • More energy and focus in everyday life

  • More performance in everyday life and sports

  • More muscle mass

  • Less body fat

  • Better regeneration

  • Better body feeling

  • Digestive problems

  • Sports nutrition


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How does a nutritional consultation work?

In nutritional counseling, we try first and foremost to understand the person. To fight causes and not symptoms. To do this, we determine data with various tests, regarding body composition, performance, regeneration ability and psyche. With the help of these data and a personal conversation, we recognize where you still have potential for improvement and how we can help you with the diet.

In most cases we also give recommendations regarding training frequency, training content and training intensity.

For the best efficiency we recommend to combine the nutritional consultation with coaching or personal training.

Vegetarian or vegan nutritional consultation and gluten-free diet counseling

We also offer consultations for people who want to eat vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free. You will be informed about myths and facts that are currently circulating on the Internet. It is difficult nowadays to distinguish sense from nonsense with the variety of information and especially to find out what is the right diet for you.

How much does a nutrition consultation cost?

We offer two different solutions for nutritional counseling.

A simple nutritional consultation (CHF 490) includes two appointments and you will receive a personalized nutrition plan based on the data obtained during the tests.

With the nutritional consultation 10x subscripzion (CHF 150 per appointment) you have more appointments and we accompany you more closely and longer, if necessary your nutrition plan is adapted.

Make a non-binding appointment now and we will find out together what is the perfect solution for you.

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